South Florida
Dressage Association

Volunteering to be a part of the board or at events is a great way to get involved in our dressage community. With your help, we can bring up the level of dressage in the area by offering more programing to meet the needs of more members. Our activities are fun and you can challenge yourself to do something new. You can help us rethink how an activity could be better and do it. How many of us has ever put on a horse show?

We do it because it’s fun and we want to make it fun for others too!

To encourage you to step up, we ask that you give us a minimum of 4 hours of you time towards your horse show awards. Please check out the opportunities below, some are short term, others are longer. Just think of all we can do when we do it together!

Kellie Kaspriske working the clinic registration table
Natalie Perlin tabulating scores
Lindy Brounley announcing

We support each other in this crazy passion we all share. When you volunteer, you make our community better.

If you are interested in any of the volunteer opportunities below, or see a need you could fill that we haven’t addressed yet, please contact us at:


Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Sponsorship Chair – We’d love some help finding sponsorship, building relationships with them and thinking through how we can better serve them. Sponsorship allows us to make our events a little less expensive, offer better awards and rider welcome gifts at our shows and clinics. 

Association Historian/Photographer – While our photographer, Katy Hoefling is busy taking great photos of our riders in the ring, there are plenty of other things going on at our events that we’d love to record those as well. 

Special Project Leader – We’d love help with first researching and then possibly changing our nonprofit status from a 501c4 to a 501c3. Having a 501c3 status would give us discounts on a variety of services including our facilities rental at Plantation Equestrian Center and website hosting. It would also allow us to attract larger sponsorship which we may then be able to turn into grants to our members. While we all do pretty much the same thing, there are multiple 501c statuses among the other USDF GMOs, and we need to know if a status change would work for us.

Book Club Facilitator – We will be reading Andrea Waldo’s Brain Training for Riders this summer in a virtual book club with members of GMOs from across the country. Andrea’s book has a number of great exercises that we’ll work through together in small groups in the breakout rooms. However, there are too many for us to share all of them and we need to figure out how to organize which ones we’ll do or how to organize our meeting times to best facilitate productive discussions. We need a few members willing to pre-read the book, decide on the book club meeting format and then help facilitate the meetings when we do get together over the summer.

Tack Sale Organizer – We want to add a tack sale to our Spring Horse Show on Sunday, April 24 and we need someone to organize it. Could it be you?

Scoresheet Excel Conversion Wiz – We’d like to get our scoresheet tabulations a little more automated by putting the calculations in a spreadsheet form so that our tabulators can just plug in the numbers and we should then have fewer scoring mistakes. Are there any Excel Wizzes out there who could give us a hand?

Write a newsletter article – Have you got 300 words to share with your fellow members about something that’s interesting, that you’ve learned, seen or thought about this year? Perhaps it’s a book, podcast, lecture, video or clinic that you’ve participated in. Share it! You’ll help everyone and earn your hours towards your awards program entry!

Fall Horse Show Chair – It’s never too soon to get planning for our next horse show. Make this one your own.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities:

Board positions for 2023 – It’s time for a change. All positions will be open and up for election in November 2022. Help grow the organization and guide it’s future.

These members have earned their hours towards the awards program when they showed up for SFDA to help make it better for all of us.
Thank you for your enthusiasm!

Members earning hours this quarter are:

Daphne Plug – earned 8 hours for photography at the December David Collins Clinic
Raija Itzchaki – earned 8 hours for photography, registration desk and hustling potluck signups at the December David Collins Clinic 
Laurie Tuchman – earned 4 hours for set up at the End of the Year party
Ivette Vallejo – earned 4 hours working at the registration desk at the February David Collins clinic