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Supplements 101 with Dr. Rachel Mottet of Legacy Equine Nutrition

Dr. Rachel Mottet joined us by Zoom on Monday May 24, 2021 to share her knowledge about supplements and to explain how she works with clients in her signature Legacy Horse Program. Dr. Mottet helped us identify what we needed to know about supplement claims, ingredients, and quality. We also discussed how supplements are regulated, what supplement companies don’t want consumers to know, and how to spot a bad product.

Some of our take-aways were to be suspicious of vague claims made for supplements and to look for the (NASC) National Animal Supplement Council quality seal on the packaging. While smaller companies like (KER) Kentucky Equine Research may not have the budget to go through the testing to qualify for the NASC designation, be sure to check for it on the most popular products. This will at least assure you that the ingredients and quantity are actually in the jar. In navigating our ways through a supplement catalog, many times we must rely on antidotal evidence because there just isn’t the testing and science invested in the horse industry behind it. The calming supplement Perfect Prep EQ is a perfect example. Many have reported success when using the product. Dr. Mottet recommended using it only when necessary rather than daily since horses often get used to it and the behaviors reappear.

Dr. Mottet reminded us that like every human being, the metabolism of every horse is different too, so what may work for one, may not work for another. In trying a new supplement, often you should see results in 10 days to 2 weeks but give it a month because some horses and supplements take longer.

Dr. Mottet also discussed her signature Legacy Horse Program. This program is a guided mind and body transformation based on your horse’s unique metabolic needs, environment, workload, and numerous other factors. Dr. Mottet is unaffiliated with any nutrition company and can help your horse by adapting to your current feed program. She will be making a trip to Miami in the coming weeks.

Check out the flyers for more information about the Legacy Horse Program.

To join Dr. Mottet’s Facebook group on Equine Nutrition, join here.

Learn more about her by going to www.legacyequine.com.

Missed our Zoom? Watch the recording here.

Dr. Rachel Mottet, MS, PhD, is an Equine Nutritionist and owner of Legacy Equine
She earned her B.S. in Equine Science from the University of Wisconsin River
Falls, her M.S. in Animal Science from North Dakota State University and her PhD in
Nutrition and Animal Science from the University of Minnesota. Her PhD work focused
on the prebiotic effects of a yeast fermentate in a simulated gastric environment, in
addition to work with prebiotic fiber, inulin, and its effects on gastrointestinal tolerance
and satiety. Professionally, Rachel has worked as a college instructor teaching animal
and equine science courses and worked for Purina as an Equine Specialist for seven
years. She has now owned and operated her equine nutrition consulting business for
over a year and serves as an adjunct professor at Keiser University in West Palm Beach
Florida. In her spare time, she rides her horse, Alfie, and spends time exploring Florida
with her dogs Auggie and Grizzly. She is also the creator and moderator of the FB group
Equine Nutrition Education.

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