South Florida
Dressage Association

REGION 3: Col. Kimball AA Championship Competition this year!

June 4 and 5, 2022

Deadline for entry is May 15: http://nebula.wsimg.com/60ff5e644744b87315cc859f99f7d1e6.

By Sue Bender, Region 3 Director

A small group of dedicated GMO leadership, a few show managers, and others have been working on the Region 3 Adult Amateur (AA) Championships through email and zoom meetings. Then, in talking with more individuals we are given more things that they would like to see and other changes. Rather than continuing to make changes and discussing for another five years, we decided to move forward and start with this streamlined format. We know this is achievable and will hopefully provide a great experience to our AA riders. Having had the pleasure of knowing Col. Kimball, to whom we are dedicating these championships, I believe that he would say that this a good way for our Region 3 AA riders to support and cheer each other on. This is our region’s personal championship that we can hopefully make an annual event and improve on. So, with that said, here is the basics.

The purpose of these championships are to recognize the importance of our Adult Amateurs (AA) and their riding accomplishments for those who live in Region 3. During Col. Kimball’s life, he was dedicated to USDF in establishing shows, especially in Florida, for all levels of riders, but had a fondness for AA, as he saw them as the backbone of USDF. Without him the Florida circuit may not have been established. He was also the first Director of Region 3. We have been talking about this for several years and now need to move forward to support our AA riders in enjoying this sport, especially those just starting off.

To achieve this, we will hold the first championship on June 4th and 5th of 2022 at the Summer Sizzler Dressage in Newberry Florida. In order to do this, we will streamline the rules for 2022 and then ask participates for input to improve for future years.

For 2022, only six classes will be offered. They will be Training through Fourth test 2 for each and Prix St George.

Qualifying Rules and Requirements for 2022

1) The horse/rider combination must have the required memberships to compete at a recognized USEF/USDF show in the AA division. The rider can be either USDF PM or GM members.

2) The horse/rider combination may compete in two consecutive levels at the Championships.

3) The rider must live in Region 3.

4) To qualify, the horse/rider combination must earn one score of 60% or higher in test 2 or test 3 at the level they wish to enter, at a USEF/USDF recognized show in the 2022 competition year. (October 1, 2021 through May 15, 2022)

5) They must submit a copy of that test to the competition manager of the Summer Sizzler Dressage show prior to the closing date. More information will be in the prize list.

6) The prize list will also include which class to enter to participate in the championship for each level.

7) Only the competitor can ride the horse on the actual show dates.

These Championship classes will only have one judge to keep the class affordable. Ribbons will be awarded to the top six. While this is to honor Col. Kimball, our other goal is to provide an enjoyable learning experience to our AA riders. We know we have a highly competitive region and want to ensure that all of our AA riders have an opportunity. I am happy to answer any questions. The region has been very active again this winter with people coming in from around the country and the world. But many of our GMOs have also been active working on educational programs for the region. As they are finalized and approved, they will be announced. So, watch for them and please support them. Our GMOs are critical to the development of dressage in the region.

To contact Sue, please email her at benderds@msn.com