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Dressage Association

Previous Year-End Awards

Alexia and Ringo Feb.1, 2020


We held this year’s party in the barn aisle at Buttonwood Farm. The lights were magical, the food tasty, and the company cheerful. Check out our event photos here.

Results for 2022


We celebrated our members’ horse showing and serving others in 2021 at our end-of-the-year awards party. Check out our event photos here.

Results for 2021


As we all ran inside in March, the rest of the year was filled with hardship and not everyone was able to participate fully, therefore we decided not to give out any awards.


We honored our volunteers, and offered a high point award for both professional and amateur riders and a reserve high point for amateurs. In the spirit of support, we also awarded a most improved award.

Results for 2019