South Florida
Dressage Association

Our 2021 Halloween Horse Show and Ride-A-Test is in the books!!

Francine Bell our judge and clinician

Our great dressage community came out to support us on October 31, 2021 at the Plantation Equestrian Center for our SFDA Halloween horse show!

Our judge Francine Bell came dressed to play!! Our hats are off to her as she managed a 25 ride day, getting in the ring for a mini clinic with 10 ride-a-test participants and scoring the rides of another half dozen riders riding traditional test rides. Our scribe Patti Green was right there by her side with Monah Garret running score sheets back to the office all day. Everyone was happy to be a part of the day and gained new insights on their dressage work and ready themselves for the winter show season. We even had several riders coming to their first dressage show and or bringing a horse new to the experience too.

For our participants, please remember that everyone’s first test score qualifies for our Year End Awards so please get them in. Please remember to contact Caitlin and upload your scores.

Some of our winners and volunteers. Thanks for staying to help load up the arena onto the trailer!

Congratulations to our Highpoint winner and Intro level Champion at 80.312% Bernadette Oli with Charisma 15, our Training Level Champion at 68.965% Tricia Sales with Zafira MFE, our First Level Champion at 65% Lianne Brooks with Christalina, and our Second/Third and up Level Champion at 67.073% Caitlin Flynn and Cool Colony!!

Thanks also to Katy Hoefling of Katy in Design for spending the day photographing our riders in the ring. Katy’s photos are ready for you to look at and purchase. Katy is offering our riders a special package.

$100 Dressage Horse Show Special:

Choose up to 10 images of one horse and rider per show day. Additional images of the same rider can be added to your package for $10 each. The link to your low-resolution digital downloads will be sent to you via email once they have been processed. This special is not available on the website. Please contact Katy directly to purchase this special. Low-Resolution Downloads are for personal online use only, no printing, & best for social media. These images are not to be printed, modified (including cropping or adding filters without permission), or submitted to any contests, banquet ads, or magazines. -Customized discount packages are also available upon request. She hopes you enjoy her art and feel free to contact her through her website with any questions.

Please support her so that we can continue to depend upon her presence at our shows. Here’s the link.

Erica Bayes and Christalina II
Sarah Daybol with Sammie
Francine and Patti on their way to the ring
Raija Itzchaki getting Boni ready for his first day off the farm in years
Great day for a horse show
Sue Clark’s cool bike. Of course, we’d rather have her bring Regina

We also had some fun celebrating the holiday with, a home version photo costume contest, a bobbing for apples game for the horses!

Raija and Boni play it up
Margret and Vali are scary
Verena is the cutest troll of the day
Sarah and Sammi are the sweetest
Melissa and bud as Red Ridinghood and the wolf
Erika and Marley are here to cure you
Apple bobbling, Sammi takes it, but Christalina shows she’s got more gusto. And Boni, just says, I like them sliced and on a plate please

Come join us at the next one!! It’s fun!!

** Non-Member Fee will be waived for members of Parkland Horseman’s Association,
and Southwest Florida Dressage Association
*** Non-SFDA members are welcome and warmly invited to participate in the horse show but are not eligible for other SFDA member benefits. Should you like to join, membership forms will be available at the show and your membership will be immediately active.

Entries must be postmarked or received by closing date and must include all show fees and copy of negative Coggins.

Late entries with late fee accepted at management’s discretion.
Refunds after Closing Date will be at management’s discretion. No credits to future shows.

Could we also add (it’s not in the trifold) that we follow USDF? I am too tired tonight, but could we say something like: SFDA follows the USDF rules and guidelines concerning regional schooling horse shows.