South Florida
Dressage Association

Heritage/SFDA 2020 Horse Show is in the books

Jule Von Donop with Mariano, our high point winners of the weekend!

Alright folks, that’s a wrap! It was a great show. Saturday was a blast. We had a lively and friendly atmosphere with 48 rides! It showed us exactly what local shows are all about, CAMARADERIE!

The rain, the wind, and the trail ride ponies popping in and out of view couldn’t kill the determination of the smaller but feistier group of riders who braved Sunday.

We especially want to mention Jennifer Torlone and her Friesian Caspian, who reached a milestone. Congratulations!!

For Sunday, our level champions were Martin Smith (Intro), Margaret Kosyk (First), Natalie Perlin (Second) and, Sue Clark (Third). Our high point winner of the weekend and Sunday Training level champion Jule von Donop with the 4yr old stallion, owned by Becky Baez. Woo hoo!!

Tansy Jeffries with Tsjalke

Lorena Kaelber with Rondena

Great rides everyone!

Thank you to all who braved their first horse show, came even though they thought they weren’t ready, to the young riders with difficult ponies or young horses at their first show, to everyone who came out to support friends, or barn mates and celebrate the dressage community in South Florida.

A special thank you to Lauren Medlin Manasseh for your great partnership! You are so fun to work with! Thank you Bess Bryan for scoring, Amy Bradley our super supportive judge, Patty Green, her trusty scribe who will be bringing her mare out to see us soon, Butch Medlin for your never-ending support, Katy Hoefling our photographer who braved the weather with the most amazing coat, Melanie Armstrong for her continuing support and her store Horsing Around for donating the beautiful pad and polos we awarded as our high point prize and last but not least George Kaspriske for being our announcer–THANK YOU!!!

** Non-Member Fee will be waived for members of Parkland Horseman’s Association,
and Southwest Florida Dressage Association
*** Non-SFDA members are welcome and warmly invited to participate in the horse show but are not eligible for other SFDA member benefits. Should you like to join, membership forms will be available at the show and your membership will be immediately active.

Entries must be postmarked or received by closing date and must include all show fees and copy of negative Coggins.

Late entries with late fee accepted at management’s discretion.
Refunds after Closing Date will be at management’s discretion. No credits to future shows.

Could we also add (it’s not in the trifold) that we follow USDF? I am too tired tonight, but could we say something like: SFDA follows the USDF rules and guidelines concerning regional schooling horse shows.