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Lena Wedenmark Rider Position Clinic Saturday, May 14, 2022

Lena with Jule

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Lena Wedenmark will join us for a one day clinic at Buttonwood Farm. Lena brings her expertise in analyzing the rider’s position and balance to help the horse move freely forward. The take aways from working with Lena are invaluable since once the rider makes a few adjustments to become more aligned, the rider can then recreate through muscle memory, the same position when riding on their own.

Headquartered in Wellington, FL, Lena is a United States Federation instructor, certified through fourth level. She is a two-time Pan American Games Coach and has had students who have earned medals at FEI World Dressage Challenge Competitions. Her philosophy emphasizes relaxation, alignment, and unity with the horse’s movement, which she applies during the lessons at home and at clinics in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Jersey, California, and the Caribbean nation of Barbados. She coaches riders of all levels and clinics regularly in California and Texas with competitive professionals and young riders.

When working with Lena, it is simply amazing when you feel all the pieces suddenly fall into place for you and your horse.

Please watch Lena’s video to see the most common position problems.

To learn more about Lena:

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This event has concluded

This event has concluded

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