South Florida
Dressage Association

Board Member Nominations

It’s time for a change of leadership and infuse SFDA with some new ideas.

We need your help!

We’ve just opened a nomination period to gather nominees for the 4 board positions until October 1st. We will then open a voting period between October 1st – November 1st. We will then announce the new board to start with the new membership year on December 1st.

Please use the form below to nominate members. Please remember that you can nominate an individual to more than one position. You can nominate more than one person per position too. We want to open up the field. You can nominate yourself or your friends so long as you and/or they are members of SFDA in good standing.

Do you need a little inspiration? Many of us have never worn these hats before so try to think about the qualities needed for each position. These are just some suggestions to get you started.

For President: who do you know who has leadership skills; is empathetic, friendly, a big picture thinker and willing to put plans into action.

For Vice President: a good collaborator with great time management skills, the ability to work independently on tasks to support actions initiated by the president.

For Treasurer: someone who will keep SFDA accountable, can organize our finances, and manage our budget accordingly.

For Secretary: someone welcoming and interested in getting to know ours members, to help them connect with other members and to encourage them to come out to our events. This person would be willing to record meeting minutes and circulate to the board so actions can be taken.

Board Member Nomination Form

Thank you for submitting your board member/ officer nominations. Your participation helps make us better!
Please remember that you can nominate multiple people for each position AND you can nominate individuals for more than one position. Thanks again for your help!
Thanks so much for your participation! We appreciate you ! Voting will take place October 1st - Nov 1st.

** Non-Member Fee will be waived for members of Parkland Horseman’s Association,
and Southwest Florida Dressage Association
*** Non-SFDA members are welcome and warmly invited to participate in the horse show but are not eligible for other SFDA member benefits. Should you like to join, membership forms will be available at the show and your membership will be immediately active.

Entries must be postmarked or received by closing date and must include all show fees and copy of negative Coggins.

Late entries with late fee accepted at management’s discretion.
Refunds after Closing Date will be at management’s discretion. No credits to future shows.

Could we also add (it’s not in the trifold) that we follow USDF? I am too tired tonight, but could we say something like: SFDA follows the USDF rules and guidelines concerning regional schooling horse shows.